Please feel free to contact anyone who has been on these workshops and has offered up a testimonial. Rona Barbour


Well-structured and delivered session, presented by knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic tutor. Supported activities, group and pair work, plenty of interactive work.
Andy Chapman

Early Years Family Literacy Officer, Buckinghamshire County Council
Rona Barbour has been delivering Storytelling and Communication Workshops for NIACE across the UK to Lecturers, Teachers and Tutors working in any context in adult learning.
Participants who attended those workshops told us -The training was fantastic. Excellent training session - inspiring, exciting and thought-provoking. I will use all the techniques in passing them on to staff and using storytelling techniques to engage learners.

Samantha Edwards,

HR Training & Development Officer, Juniper Training Ltd
It has encouraged me to continue with developing our outreach programme in new directions.

Vicky Thorpe

Customer Services Manager, Gloucestershire Archives
 I found Rona delightful to work with –a truly professional and reflective practitioner in her own right.

Brenda Ainsley

Assistant Director, Literacy, Language and Numeracy – NIACE
Very useful tips on how to keep people listening

Lisa Clarke

SFL Lecturer, Linkage Community Trust
It has given the basis of ideas which I can adapt to suit my students

Hillary Gibson

Course Tutor ESOL, Leeds City College - Thomas Danby Campus
Excellent workshop, will use storytelling in my lessons to convey a concept or skill.

Sue Sutton

Oaklands College
Stimulating session offering lots of ideas for activities with all my students with strategies for encouraging reluctant learners

Mary Bradshaw

Lecturer, Basingstoke College of Technology
I told stories! ...It was what I was looking for.

Angela Green

Tutor/Dyslexia specialist, Wolverhampton County Council
Inspiring, motivating and different

Sarah Upto

Senior Development Officer / Tutor

RMBC Skills for Life, RMBC

Government Initiative - Sure Start



'The Power of Words'

Hi Rona,

Just a quick note to say a HUGE thank you for being our Keynote Speaker at our Launch.

The event was a real success and your input on the night was fantastic, a real treat. I received many positive comments from numerous people who enjoyed your storytelling skills.  Many people were surprised to hear that you create most of your own stories.

I was positioned towards the back of the function room.  I was able to see the responses of everyone in the room.  You could have heard a pin drop... everyone was so engrossed!

This highlighted to me how powerful our words are and linked beautifully with our launch title 'The Power of Words'


Thanks again Rona

Best Wishes Clare

Communicating through Narrative and Story; Workshop


Rona, Your Workshop was great actually and just what I needed. I was beginning to lose faith in myself.Dr Nicola Grove


I'd also like to say how much I enjoyed the workshop Rona - I liked the way you encouraged people to see where they were and what they wanted to achieve and how they could achieve it. Richard Martin - Germany

Hi Rona - It was brilliant to meet you at last. Next time I'll wear my shades. A very inspiring workshop and weekend all round, and the first of many for me I hope. Dr David Avery - London

Dear Rona I came away feeling swept off my feet! Your Workshop was excellent. There were some gems in it, especially the "Storytelling Teacher Identity" part, which I needed. I know it will make a difference to me. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and knowledge.Ursula Petou

Hello again Rona, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your Storytelling Workshop. The ideas were fantastic and gave me something to go at when I get back to work. I felt really inspired and will remember the PMA jar above all else! Best wishes. Alan Woollard - Cornwall


Longford Park School

October 2004: 2011 Our Storyteller – Rona Barbour Rona has become a very special visitor at Longford Park School and these are just some of the comments that describe this lovely person and her storytelling.

She is incredibly striking in appearance and her clothes are lovely! There is an aura of mystery about her.

Her voice is delightful – she makes you want to stop and listen.

Her voice can be described as “hypnotic”.

She is very astute and immediately understands the children’s needs.

Her stories reflect any subject, or topic suggested by staff or pupils.

The stories she tells are pitched at the appropriate level for the children.

She carefully develops their vocabulary and extends it further. As you watch the children listening, they gradually follow her into the story.

When children do ask questions they are carefully and sensitively answered

During her stories things become real Her stories incorporate morals important for children to understand and she carefully explains “new words”.

Oh! She’s brilliant, fantastic. - What more can we say, except thank you so much from everybody.

Longford Park. School in Stretford, Manchester XXX

MOD Ministry of Defence.

Rona Barbour spent a week at King Richard School from Monday 5th to Friday 9th July.

This was the school’s annual activities week when students in Key Stage 3 are off timetable and follow a programme of different activities on a daily basis.

During her visit Rona worked with a different group of students and various members of staff each day and all her sessions were a great success with everybody who attended them. Not only is she an expert and mesmerising teller of stories, but she also strikes up a wonderful rapport with her audience, learning every pupil’s name in a matter of minutes at the start of a session and then remembering the names during the week.

I had not seen a professional storyteller at work before and to say I was impressed would be an understatement. The stories, which sometimes employed props, held her young audience spellbound, a feat in itself of course, but students were also encouraged to contribute their own ideas as well as take part in the activities. Such was Rona’s impact that we have every intention of inviting her back again next year. I would strongly recommend her to any one and to any school, particularly those that may not have entertained a story teller before, because the experience of seeing and working with such a talented and generous professional is one that should not be missed by students or by staff.


Michael Leverett Head of English – King Richard School – Cyprus MOD

 Adelaide School in Crewe


Dear Rona,

Thank-you so much for spending your time with us. I have had hugely positive feedback from both pupils and staff.

I thought that the stories were ideally suited to the different groups and your delivery was superb! These days, many of our pupils struggle to listen or sit still for long because of all the technology they are used to and find it difficult to concentrate and yet they were completely engaged in the stories and each group was able to sit and listen intently for nearly an hour! Amazing!

We will make a feature of the Storytelling on our virtual learning site as well as in our school newsletter. We have close links with other schools in Crewe and have passed on your details to some of them with a strong recommendation. Fabulous value

Thanks again


Miss Clare Horrocks

Head of English, Adelaide School, Crewe

Cancer Aid and Listening Line

I am writing to thank you for captivating our group with your wonderful stories.

I got lots of feedback from the group all very positive, they found the stories so believable in the way they were told. We would love to invite you back again and I will be in touch with you at some point in the future.

I have enclosed CALL’s latest newsletter, it gives you a flavour of the sort of things done to raise funds to provide our service in the community.

Thank you once again for your enthralling stories. I think it took us back to our own childhood of being told stories and also telling stories to our children.

I feel storytelling is such an important part of communicating and educating so all success to you in the work you do in schools.

With very best wishes. Yours sincerely

Lynne Bezzina

Volunteers Manager Cancer Aid and Listening Line

Astra Zeneca - World Wide Pharmaceuticals.

"The Storyteller" Rona Barbour was part of our team-building event run by Astra Zeneca Legal Department at Peckforton Castle last October. Her contribution to the day was very valuable.

She demonstrated the power of the spoken word and the importance of preparation and presentation in capturing the attention of an audience.

In addition, her stories were wonderfully entertaining and very suitable for the event. I would definitely consider using The Storyteller, Rona Barbour again.

LIAM MCILVEEN  Assistant General Counsel

  Legal Department, Astra Zeneca Office

Manchester United

Rona Barbour - The Storyteller, has been involved in the Commercial Department of this club since the early nineties and her contribution has been very highly valued.

As a Master of Ceremonies in the VIP and Europa suite at Old Trafford, Rona has the remarkable and enviable ability to charm everyone she comes into contact with and be they young or old they all have the same impression of her.

A delightful individual with a real zest for life which is infectious.>/p>

Hospitality and Venue Sales Manager Manchester United.

Healthy Schools Trafford

Rona Barbour has worked for the Healthy Schools Teams in Trafford and Salford schools on a weekly basis over a considerable period (over 9 years) dating back to 2003. During this time, she has provided literacy and emotional support through storytelling sessions in schools across both of these local authorities and the pupils, staff and parents have always positively evaluated her work.

I have had the opportunity to observe Rona in action on many occasions. Her storytelling skills are exceptional and she manages to captivate her audience and help them to identify with the characters of her stories.

However, Rona’s work is not just about storytelling, which in itself is a very entertaining and pleasurable experience. Her work is about helping children, young people and indeed adults with the problems and difficulties some of them may be facing with reading and writing and to develop the skills to overcome those difficulties.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Rona’s work and indeed have already do so a number of times. If you require any more information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Assumpta O’Connell

Healthy Schools Co-ordinator, Salford and Trafford Borough Council

Rona Barbour is an inspirational storyteller and trainer with very clear ideas on using the medium to reach younger people
She is especially knowledgeable about working with challenging and ‘hard to reach’ adult learners. 

Rona has worked for NIACE during 2007 - 2013, designing and delivering a professional storytelling module for Teachers, Tutors and Lecturers.
She also developed lesson ideas for teachers to take away with them and use in their classes.

This work was funded by DIUS.
Teachers who came to training events which I attended in March, May and June were very enthusiastic about Rona’s delivery of the session and the ethos behind using storytelling with the whole range of learners.

 Comments included:
“I felt more enthused by this session than I have at any training event for a long time”; 
“Absolutely brilliant”. 
“Loved all aspects of the event”;
“Found this to be very motivating”
 "I have come away with confidence and new communication skills which I will be able to use at work."

I found Rona delightful to work with –a truly professional and reflective practitioner in her own right.

Brenda Ainsley Assistant Director, Literacy, Language and Numeracy – NIACE

Professional Workshops; Feedback 

Dear Rona, Thanks again for your workshop it was really helpful and practical. I am already going about things the way you suggested, I must say I feel stronger and more professional for it. Thank you so much for your advice, I do hope I didn’t trespass on your good nature with all my questions! Much love, Sarah.

The two words that came to mind when describing Rona's “Successful Storyteller” workshop were: Inspiring and Practical. The information given was well thought through and based on what is realistic practice and experience. Above all, it was professional! That would have been enough but it was also uplifting because Rona makes participants feel they too have something to give and utilise that is of worth... which was great when you haven’t had much positive feedback from elsewhere. I felt she affirmed every teller in the room, regardless of how short or long a time they had been telling. I went home with a more "can-do" attitude and in a positive frame of mind. Thank-you Rona. Wendy King - Lecturer in Health and Social Care.

I found the workshop fascinating but over all too soon.  What I mean by that is that when I have some time and "headspace" which is in short supply at the moment, I would like to come to one of your 2 day workshops and go through all of the information over a couple of days.  Thanks for all that you put into it.  I foolishly left my pack behind with all your well prepared info and have got to go and pick it up from Leah. Then I can go through your hand outs again. Thanks again it was a great workshop. Best wishesSuzie Doncaster

Dear Rona,Many thanks for a great work shop and for sharing your ideas (and forms) with me.  I've come back punch-drunk with ideas, but getting them on a business footing is surely a good place to start.  You are a very inspirational lady and effective operator, and it’s lovely to know that you are one of the SfS Directors helping it all to happen. Thank you again, and best wishes Pennie Hedge

“Very useful, I liked the attention to small but important details. The biggest point for me was the identity issue and the need for it.” Michael Forbes -Kidderminster

“Very inspiring, and I loved the Chutzpah”. Impressed by the obvious amount of preparation that had gone into the workshop and it showed!” Wendy King -Birmingham