Success Stories at Work

Always start and end, with good communication and negotiation skills.

Good communication skills can never be underestimated and skilful negotiation is the real true art form in any business. Regardless of what it is we are trying to achieve in our business, without these skills, we are doomed to fail. Even when we work really hard, even if we know inside out what it is we are trying to achieve. We will still fail…if we don’t know how to put that message across effectively.

The Storytelling Training and Coaching Centre – popular workshops include.

  • Leading Language – A fun way to learn essential Speaking and Listening Skills.
  • Storytelling in the Workplace. Understanding why Storytelling works in business.
  • How to be a successful using your new found Storytelling Skills in business.
  • Learn how to say NO!
  • Changes in the Workplace. How to manage or make, changes in the workplace.

Storytelling for the Corporate Classes!

Storytelling never was “just for children” and it certainly isn’t now because storytelling has come out of the classroom and into the boardroom. Today, you can study for a degree in ‘Storytelling’.  You can read a whole library of books designed to help you become a skilled storyteller, able to define and communicate your self-image to help you to progress your career path from the ‘Once upon a time…’ to the ‘…Happily ever after’.

The quickest and most effective way for you to learn these new skills is face to face with the experienced storytelling coach and trainer Rona Barbour where as well as having the theory, you are guaranteed to be able to see how this works in practice and not just hear about it.It becomes a reality.

First of all knowing your own story, understanding its’ power and its’ meaning and then learning to tell that story, is like having an extra string to your bow or an extra cache in your armoury. Getting people to listen is the real skill.

Forget all the old tales you’ve heard about the gift of the gab, this is not only confusing but is also not the case. It’s true that the most successful people, in all walks of life are indeed great orators but more than that, they only became great orators once they had become great listeners. They learned that you cannot please someone by giving them what they want, if you don’t know what that is, so you have to listen, very carefully to know what it is you are going to have to deliver to achieve success! Listening is itself, an important skill.

Learning these skills is a simple, step by step structured process carried out by the course facilitator Rona Barbour an experienced storytelling coach and trainer and once learned, they are never forgotten, it’s like learning you ABC’s. Do you still remember the alphabet?

If you know that you have to say is worth hearing but it’s not working for you when you try to tell people this then you need to hone these skills. You need to make the changes, you need to start with the benefits of the following Workshop!

Leading Language

Knowing what you want to say and how to say it.

Essential speaking and listening skills to get you started on the road to success.

This 1 day workshop is designed to maximise your skills and confidence. It is packed with practical information, tips and techniques which you can take on board and apply immediately to increase your communication and negotiation success rate.

Group Training on the Leading Language course

Almost all of the professional development training courses can be delivered in-house at your company premises or at The Altrincham Storytelling Training and Coaching Centre.

Discover the benefits of us bring the course to you. Contact us for more information

Your Facilitator – Rona Barbour

Rona has been teaching these operational, performance and key negotiating skills to directors, managers, professors, nurses, education professionals and academics as well as performers and individuals from all walks of life. Her training focuses on new and established key skills and techniques that give rapid results and reflect the real super tech, world of today. She has received the highest accolades for her work and is pleased that some of her aficionados are her own peers.