Storytelling Therapy

Professionals have been aware for some time now of the healing properties of Storytelling but it is now becoming more and more obvious just how detrimental it has been for children not to have stories in their lives.

Communcation is the key to a successful life whether you are a child in a nursery or a CEO in a Boardroom and it’s only now that we really see that.

So called “ferral youths”. “hug a hoody” and now “love a lout”. Understanably some people are worried about these statements, handed out it would seem, willy nilly by our beloved politicians but there is some truth in what they are trying to say. Our youth of today have been starved of the vital, early years verbal interaction with parents and carers which was enjoyed by previous generations and the result is that they are unable to communicate effectively,
if at all!

This leads to frustration and anger in the classroom and outside which in turn leads to bad behaviour as they are unable to convey their feelings. The only way to counteract this situation is to teach them how to communicate before it’s too late and to bring Storytelling back to the classrooms for the early years children and give them a better start.

Emotional Therapy

2002 saw Rona commissioned to design and create, in a designated number of the schools in the Trafford and Salford Region “The Cool Rooms” (an area designed to provide a tranquil setting to facilitate emotional therapy) where she could work with a number of emotionally disturbed children within these settings.

This was a very successful project and it culminated in some of the more “difficult children” engaging in story writing, play writing and performing their own productions. As a result of this, these children found it easier to re-integrate into their mainstream classes, their confidence boosted by the experience. The success of this project meant that Rona was then commissioned to continue working in this arena throughout 2003/2004.

A lifetimes study and ardent interest in all things to do with the personal psyche and a true philosopher, Rona is also a natural Emotional Therapist and her work with needy children and adults is tantamount to this.

She has had considerable recognition for her work with children with behaviour problems including, excluded children, something she feels passionate about. “They just haven’t learned yet how to make people listen”. Get her talking on that subject and you better make yourself comfortable!

Rona has worked not only in the Schools, but also in Libraries, Country Parks, at Open Days at various functions and in more Commercial settings.

For the past decade or so, she has also worked as Host, meeting and greeting (some rich and famous) at the famous Manchester United football stadium, football being just another one of her many passions.

Rona loves to indulge in another of her favourite passions and will happily take commissions to write personal stories for all occasions for both children and adults.