Storytelling Party

The Storyteller Rona Barbour, will wow your friends and family with her fantastic tales.You can have your very own story, written especially for you!

You can take part in her stories and act out the performance with your family and friends.

Both the children and the adults, will be truly spellbound and will ask again and again to hear “The Storyteller” at their party.

When she tells Ghost Stories, the hair stands up on the back of your neck. It’s really scary but brilliant at the same time. We’ve asked her to come back and do another party at Halloween. Marion and Michael (Glasgow).

“I had the best party ever with The Storyteller. She told us the most amazing adventure stories and a very special fairy story just for me, I will never forget her”. Megan. aged 8.

She plays great games. My Mum said she used to play those games but I’ve never seen her. She said she would teach me some more. I’m going to get “The Storyteller” for my party. Jake.aged 6

Something completely different. 

Rona has quickly acquired the reputation of being “that something different” for a special event.

21st, 40th, 50th, 60th etc, Weddings, Retirements, Anniversaries. Whatever the occasion, The Storyteller is the perfect entertainment. Her presence alone is electrifying as there is an aura of mystery about her. Unique in her style and approach, her performance is slick and dynamic and yet gentle and moving at the same time, holding you in the palm of her hand as you wait, breathless with anticipation to hear the end of the story. She will also write a personal story for the person or to suit the occasion.

The Storyteller – Rona Barbour, has also been commissioned to do poetry and readings at Weddings and Funerals and her voice, pure and unforced, is sometimes described as being “like warm chocolate” as it adds the right weight to these occasions.

Again, most of her appearances at events have been by personal recommendation.

They will be… SPELLBOUND. 

Give them a day to remember – Always.

Specialist Children’s Entertainer. Bespoke Children’s Events. Corporate Events. Unique Birthday Parties. Original Personalised Stories. Seasonal Storytelling, Easter, Halloween, Christmas etc..

Effortless for you, unforgettable for them.

“We were amazed and our children were mesmerised” Sue Huddart – Head Teacher, Longford Park School.

“I had never been told a story before and I will never forget it” Sean, aged seven.